About Makers' Eye

It would be easy to regard truly excellent bespoke furniture as being a thing of the 
past, with your choice of contemporary furniture now being restricted to the 
mass produced.

It may come, therefore, as a welcome surprise to learn that Britain’s heritage of beautifully made designer furniture is in fact 
alive and well, with work of outstanding quality being created in workshops throughout the country.

Finding this superb handmade furniture, however, has not always been easy, as many 
workshops do not have a 'shop window'. Now though, through Makers’ Eye, it is possible from the comfort of your own home or workplace to view and buy furniture made by the finest British designer makers.

In our showroom you will see pieces that are made and ready for sale, or 
existing designs that can be remade especially for you, in some cases to your own specification. Of course you may well wish to examine your chosen piece before deciding to buy, so on Makers' Eye we give you its current location, be it at the maker's workshop or in a gallery or on exhibition, so that you can make arrangements to view.

If you still cannot find in our showroom the exact piece you want, you can contact any of our makers to discuss the possibility of commissioning your own bespoke furniture.

Making all this possible, and bringing a world of experience to Makers' Eye 
are its founders, Tony Portus and Ross Fenn.