Commissioning process


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A brief introduction to commissioning. 

Commissioning a piece of furniture is an exciting, inspiring process.

The collaboration between client and maker results in the creation and ownership of a unique, beautiful object that has the power to enrich and enhance your life. 

There are many decisions to make, but the process, when broken down, is simple. 

Choose a maker.  The Makers’ Eye website is a rich resource of work from our finest designer makers. which you can use to find a style and quality of furniture that resonates with you in some way. 

Talk to them about what you know about what you want. They can listen, interpret and understand. Indicate, if you can, your budget. 

Now let them expand on your ideas, sharing with you their knowledge and experience, their vision of the possibilities. This dialogue can be highly productive-ideas can be created and shared. 

Await the initial design ideas. 

Talk some more about these and together begin to make decisions; shape, line, dimensions, detail-both functional and decorative. Consider the choice of materials and finishes, agree on timescale for the making, and the price. 

When the final designs are agreed and signed off and the deposit paid, the making will begin.