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Many people with a real interest in their home or working environment are increasingly using craftsmen to create unique and often purpose made pieces of furniture.

It may simply be the need for a piece to fit a particular situation, it could be love of wood or a specific wood, or perhaps admiration of fine craftsmanship. 

Finding the right person or workshop can be a difficult process and their work is rarely seen in a conventional retail environment.  

To solve this problem, Makers’ Eye has brought together over 30 of Britain’s leading designer makers, many with international reputations. 

On our website, you can browse our ‘Collections’ which contain a sumptuous array of beautiful ready to buy furniture or images of pieces that can be remade to order, often personalised with you own modifications if required. 

For that truly unique piece, Makers’ Eye who will help you to arrange a commission and guide you through the process. With our vast experience and intimate knowledge, we are uniquely positioned to help you select the right maker to match your requirements. 

We also guarantee that all pieces of furniture supplied through our showroom are made to the highest possible standard and that they will be compliant with the full specification as ordered and that they will be fit for purpose.