Writing desk 'L'Orchidée'

An important piece with a deep meaning, a reference in design can be seen to embody the emotional and physical connection between a parent and their child. The cradling of a new generation, a new hope, the future, from inception, to the encapsulating support in the stages prior to birth to the ever lasting connection and responsibility to the new life. The inspiration for the desks style follows that passage of life and the passage of furniture from the Art Nouveau This redundancy of a style was a world turning its back on the skill of the maker for the cheaper more modern style.  It was the turning point in furniture making history, with post movements attempting a crafts revival or a rebirth. A romantic and whimsical notion that had little success due to the reluctance to embrace new technology. The future of furniture making is not through romanticising about a certain period or allowing design be trapped by an ideal that has little or no connection to contemporary life.  The past must be studied and dissected but replicating and reproducing will not allow us to move forward for each of the styles prior did not stand still but evolved. Le Orchidée is that evolution from Art Nouveau and  culminating in the acceptance of technologies in materials, manufacture and techniques. The nurturing of life in any form starts with the acceptance of development, growth and allowing it freedom to fulfil its full potential. This is its potential, this is furniture design embracing the past and the future with an equal passion and enthusiasm. 

Awarded Guild Mark number 420

Winner of the Claxton Stevens Award 2011.

Ziricote, leather, oak, aluminium 

Design ID:G1
Price:£65000 (VAT Included)
Dimensions:H 85cm x W 100cm x D 70cm
Availability:Available for immediate purchase. Edition of two.
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye