treasure chest jewellery box with a secret drawer

A memory box made for a ‘treasure Chests’ exhibition. The inlay on the exterior of the box radiates from a hallmarked gold disc and is echoed by a complementary pattern on the lids of the ‘jigsaw puzzle’ boxes inside the lid, radiating from a sterling silver disc.

The doors are secured by custom made, spring loaded catches which are engaged when the lid is closed so that the chest is locked by a single key.

There is a secret compartment behind the drawers in the lower part of the box, revealed by activating a hidden catch under the bottom drawer.
The purpleheart used in this chest was reclaimed from the rope making room of Chatham Historic Dockyard and was originally part of the floor!

Notes: This chest comes with it’s own stand in purpleheart and ash which has a concealed drawer.

Ash, mahogany, purpleheart, ebony, boxwood and masur birch, with inlaid gold and silver discs

Design ID:R3
Materials:Ash, Ebony & Birch
Dimensions:H 35cm x W 45cm x D 35cm
Availability:Available for immediate purchase
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye