The Lily

 It was the desire to challenge both the boundaries of creativity and making that led Alexander King to embark upon the daunting challenge of learning, and then perfecting, the techniques that would be required to bring to life this expressive interpretation of the Oriental hybrid lily, depicted in full bloom.

Perhaps put best in the artist's own words;  

‘Symmetrical geometry unfurling into organic chaos’, this is the best way I can describe  Lily.  It is a low table of course, and one with a practical function, but primarily a sculptural piece with the audacity to mimic as accurately as possible nature iteslf in the form an Oriental hybrid lily'.

 The beautifully gilded leaves alone required the individual shaping of over 6000 veneers of solid maple, each one of which traces its individual path across the structure in order to create this wonderfully organic form. The art of steam bending proved to be the perfect technique for the shaping of the stamens, each one of which supports an anther, carved from solid Santos Rosewood and laced with iron filings and copper dust in order to emulate the lily's pollen. 

Artistic vision realised through finely honed making techniques, from the time honoured to the cutting edge, the result is something truly exceptional, and utterly unique. Genuinely so in this case as, on completion of this fabulous piece, the artist took the ultimate step of destroying all the molds , making it absolutely unrepeatable. Own this piece and you will be safe in the knowledge  that never will anyone else  possess another.

Lily. it is all but impossible to describe the  beauty and prescence of this fabulous piece, so please contact us to arrange an individual viewing.


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Design ID:PP9
Price:£95000 (Vat inclusive)
Materials:Maple, Copper powder, Gold leaf & Glass
Dimensions:H 110 cm x Diameter 150
Delivery:By arrangement with Makers' Eye