Starburst jewellery box in green ripple sycamore

Green Starburst Box made in hand-dyed figured sycamore veneer and lined with blue faux suede. Fitted with Zysa barrel type hinges.

The figured sycamore veneer is cut into 24 x 15° segments and laid out to form a starburst effect. As the figuring in the wood subtly changes, spiral and kaleidoscopic patterns are created over the top and down the sides of the box. Finished with very hard wearing acrylic lacquer that contains an ultraviolet additive to help prevent the colours fading. 

Also available in grey, blue, or yellow.



Design ID:Y15
Price:£420 (Not applicable)
Materials:Ripple sycamore & Faux suede
Dimensions:24cm wide x 24cm deep x 9cm high
Availability:Usually in stock.
Delivery:By post