Sculptural bench 'insictor'

A landscape in motion.

Animalistic/insectoid alien like in its stance with a dynamic presence that almost has a life of its own.

Primarily inspired by the fluidity of speed in movement over the rise and fall of the chalk South Downs Hill formation stretching out along the South coast of England. Insictor transcends scales as the piece is also suggestive of a insect/animalistic form in motion. In many ways sitting on Insictor is almost to become part of the work itself - the pilot and navigator.

Acquired by Veuve Clicquot for the newly refurbished Pavillion Saint-Leonard, Reims, France.

(Photo credit: Michael Harvey/chaircreative)

Bleached burnished ash wood, stainless steel.

This piece will remain utterly unique but designs developed from this original piece are available to order.

Design ID:M2
Price:£24500 (VAT not applicable)
Materials:Ash & Stainless Steel
Dimensions:H 85cm x W 370cm x D 85cm
Availability:Made to order
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye