Miniature Chest of Drawers for jewellery

This small chest of drawers represents craftsmanship, design and visual art.  Made from Masur Birch and Purpleheart, it is a combination that benefits from the pictorial beauty of masur birch. The vertical symmetry exploits the reflection of the grain pattern on either side of the centre-line, creating a striking pattern that is 
very much a painting of nature. The purpleheart edging forms a picture frame that emphasises the painting.
Measuring 38 cm high and 17 cm wide and deep, the vertical form is divided into eight drawers that increase in depth to provide variable storage for your beautiful collectable items.  The drawers are lined with purple suede which softens the interior. It is constructed to withstand the environment of modern interiors.  The piece is a jewel 
in it's own right. It is unique and there will only be one that will survive into history.

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Design ID:Q8
Price:£3500 (VAT not applicable)
Materials:Birch & Cherrywood
Dimensions:H 38cm x W 17cm x D17cm
Availability:Available fo immediate delivery
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye