Low table 'Mollusque' in sycamore, copper & glass

Marc’s journey exploring the Victorian obsession with natural history continues here. The often macabre display of anything dead and often still living in the shape of freak shows was a true Victorian pastime. Mollusque is an oversized representation of displayed artifacts, it would have been held in wonderment and fascination with all who viewed. Marc’s work has become timeless it is almost impossible to date the work or allocate a style or period, with elements mixing fictional era’s. His work could be described as mixing the visual depth, richness romanticism of Dickensian London and the futurism of Jules Verne. The complex technique Marc has developed for achieving a double compound curved solid wood item has been used before on the first two Nautilus shell tables. The combination of this new technique and the copper internal surface adds an new dimension of visual richness.

Made using sycamore, patinated copper and glass


Design ID:G3
Materials:Sycamore & Glass
Dimensions:H 45cm x W 150cm x D 110cm
Availability:Available for immediate delivery
Delivery:By arrangement with Makers' Eye