Lily. One of the most stunning achievements ever in the conception and creation of a sculptural yet functional piece. 

It was the desire to challenge both the boundaries of creativity and making that led Alexander King to embark upon the daunting challenge of learning, and then perfecting, the techniques that would be required to bring to life this expressive interpretation of the Oriental hybrid lily, depicted in full bloom.

As the artist's statement puts it;

' The ability to act as both engineer and artist was compulsory for this project. For over 5 years, I meticulously planned and worked out the complex procedures required to create the desired shapes in order to mimic the appearance of a truly organic piece. I had to find a way to form complicated double-compound curves, that continually morph into one another, to produce the appearance of fluidity.

 ‘Lily’ uses a state-of-the-art making technique that challenged but ultimately realised my perception of what is achievable. I have now discovered the advantages for using this method with my own work and the possibilities seem endless. The application of this technique drastically changes in accordance to its requirements. Working out these variations is incredibly exciting as it unlocks the next piece to the puzzle. 

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Design ID:PP10
Price:£95000 (VAT inclusive)
Materials:Maple, Glass, Gold leaf & Copper powder
Dimensions:Height 110 cm x Diameter 150
Availability: SOLD
Delivery:Arranged by Makers' Eye