Jewellery Cabinet in maple & walnut

This design owes its conception to my daughter who suggested that space to hang chains and necklaces within a jewellery box would prevent them from tangling. Behind the curved Rippled Maple doors of this capacious little cabinet, wooden pegs for hanging necklaces are accompanied by leather lined walnut graded compartments, which swing out to provide storage for all other types of jewellery. The integral detail of this design are the stainless steel hinges which both hold the cabinet together and allow for ease of movement of the doors and storage compartments.

Rippled Maple, American Walnut, Stainless Steel and Leather

Design ID:N8
Materials:Maple, Walnut & Stainless Steel
Dimensions:H 35cm x W 28cm x D 20cm
Availability:Made to order only
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye