Hi-fi cabinets 'Cube'

Designed to complement a client’s Beam cabinet, these Cube Cabinets were made to a brief that demanded bespoke hi-fi cabinet storage for top quality Hi-Fi, including a record player and CDs.

It was important to address technical issues, such as cooling, as well as providing free access to all the equipment.

One Cube has a lifting lid to allow the playing of vinyl, as well as doors to reveal the other audio equipment, the second providing drawer storage discreetly hidden behind a pair of doors.

Like the Beam Cabinet, these pieces demanded precision of design and making of the highest order in providing a response to the requirement for functional yet intriguing design.

Design ID:E3
Dimensions:650mm (w) x 650mm (h) x 650mm (d)
Availability:Made to order only
Delivery:By arrangement with Makers' Eye