Glass display cabinet on stand, in maple

A glass display cabinet made and ready for sale or available to be remade to customer specifications and sizes. This delicate and graceful piece is made in two parts; a light and open lower stand and an upper glazed display cabinet. The stand and the cabinet frame are all made in solid maple that has a light, creamy tone, whilst the back is made from a solid maple frame with veneered quilted maple panels. Quilted maple is an unusual timber and has a fascinating and beautiful grain pattern that is reminiscent of a sandy beach after the tide has gone out. With its light, open feel this is an ideal display cabinet for a collection of, for example, coloured glass, that would look wonderful against the backdrop of the quilted maple.

Solid maple and quilted maple veneer.

Features: Glazed doors and side panels, adjustable glass shelves, panelled back with quilted maple veneered panels.

Design ID:V5
Price:£6650 (VAT Included)
Dimensions:H 165cm x W 75cm x D 37cm
Availability:Available for immediate delivery
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye