Dining or conference table in oak

Designed for a pharmaceutical  company’s new headquarters. The Chief Executive, a man keenly aware of design, requested a table and chairs within the reception area for the Directors’ suite of offices for impromptu meetings with visitors or between directors. The choice of materials evoked those used in the pharmaceutical industry, some occurring naturally, others being manufactured. The 5000 year old bog oak for the legs and edges of the table came from trees blown over in gales and have been submerged in the fenlands of East Anglia until discovered by farmers when they are ploughing. This contrasts with the cast aluminium components, the patterns made in wood and then cast by a specialist foundry.

Yew, burr yew, bog oak, cast aluminium and leather. 

This is indicative of an individual commission designed to meet very specific requirements. John Makepeace welcomes enquiries for similar projects but, in order to preserve their unique value, does not repeat specially commissioned items.

Design ID:T8
Materials:Yew & Oak
Dimensions:H 72cm x W 240cm x D 160cm
Availability:Can be made to order
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye