Low table with glass top. 'Lime Tree'

While the bold asymmetric green ‘fused’ glass top is the initial focal point of the piece, it is the sculptural solid American Black Walnut understructure, the table’s backbone, that is actually the quiet luminary here. With its rather anomalous two-legged form, featuring cantilevered supports that lift and capture the glass, the Lime Tree coffee table combines the coolness of the glass and its curvaceous, organic form with the warmth of the walnut and its fluid yet angular structure. The point of integration of these two very different materials occurs at the opposing corners of the table where the wood gently envelops the glass.

Structurally, a considerable amount of mathematics was applied in ensuring that the weight of the glass would be in perfect balance across the cantilevered components, so as to avoid any strain on the joints. Natural wood movement was also an important consideration in the design of the table, ensuring that the wood was free to expand and contract with changes in ambient temperature/moisture levels without risk to the base structure itself, or indeed the glass.

The perfectly fitting mortise and loose tenon joints not only provide an inherent strength to the structure but also feature the beauty of the end-grain, and every component is handcrafted with absolute precision to ensure that the crisp lines run cleanly throughout the piece.

Short grain on one rebated edge of each of the cantilevered supports that hold the glass ensures no conflict in grain direction and each of the perpendicular rebated edges is removable thereby allowing the glass top to be readily inserted and/or removed.

The glass top is custom-made and is ‘fused’ with an interlayer of intense green film to provide colour and bring out the lustre and deep tonal qualities of the walnut.

The Lime Tree is a limited edition collection piece and is inlaid  with a numbered edition disc – only 25 will ever be made.

Bespoke options 


- A Brazil Nut and a Lemon Tree coffee table are both available, the former in solid

European Oak and glass top ‘fused’ with an interlayer of metallicised tobacco voile and the

latter in American Black Walnut with intense yellow film-fused glass top

- The Lemon Tree and Brazil Nut are slightly larger at 1500 x 820 x 340mm and retail for

£300 more

Design ID:NN 5
Materials:American Black Walnut
Dimensions:1125 x 820 x 340mm
Availability:Available for immediate delivery.
Delivery:By arrangement