Contemporary Writing Desk 'Splendid Squire'

The Splendid Squire desk was conceptualized to showcase and celebrate the stunning aesthetic qualities, the physical strength and robustness, as well as the longevity of sustainable fine solid hardwood. The overall design is pared-down and lean and gets its quiet strength from its angular outline and subtle detailing.

The Squire takes on the grand opulence, even gravitas of a large antique desk but without much of the ‘heaviness’ and bulk so often associated with such pieces. Lightness is achieved both in the architectural leg structure, which shifts the back legs round to the back centre of the desk, allowing a sense of space and air to permeate, as well as in the presence of a narrow shard of silk-fused glass running along its centre.

The custom-made mirrored glass inset ‘fused’ with ribbons of silk rippling along its length appears almost as a ghost form of the wood that flanks it. And the lamb-nappa that lines the 2-metre long concealed drawer adds further splendour to this noble fellow.

The functionality of the solid wood drawer is enhanced by its multiple compartments, accommodating a considerable amount of stationery and writing implements, equal incapacity to a tower of six smaller individual drawers.

Unlike so many contemporary desks, The Squire’s strong aesthetic is enjoyed both from the front where its owner sits and from the back on view to the rest of the room.

A shadow-line around the whole under-structure serves as a trompe l’oeil to conceal the presence of the drawer and also to accommodate natural wood movement in the desk-top and base.

Perfectly fitting mortise and loose-tenon joints are the principal joints of choice here for their inherent strength as well as to feature the beauty of the end-grain, and every component is hand- crafted with absolute precision to ensure that the crisp lines run cleanly throughout the piece.

- The drawer can be configured to suit, as well as the choice of leather to line it.

Design ID:NN 8
Dimensions:W 2000 x D 900 x H 770mm
Availability:Available to bespoke order
Delivery:By arrangement