Bespoke credenza 'Gaiola'


The Gaiola credenza is a limited edition, handcrafted piece inspired in form by the streamlined, twin-decked Brazilian riverboats of the same name that trade along the banks of the Amazon river and its tributaries.

The credenza is crafted exclusively from solid American Black Walnut with detailing in steamed English Pear. Every board of timber is hand-selected for its colour, tone, and figure and for being clean of any knots, shakes or defects.

This substantial piece (just shy of 2.5m in length) incorporates not only fruit and nut woods from different continents but also combines design elements of the Art Deco movement and Mid-Century Modernism with contemporary styling and functionality and technology.

Gaiola’s most striking features are two pairs of precision-made tambour doors, rarely seen in contemporary furniture, each composed of over 200 individually prepared solid walnut ‘slats’, with a tongue on each end that run horizontally in grooves above and below.

The tambour slats are mounted onto artists canvas, and back-covered with lambs nappa. They can be partially or fully opened providing not just a space for storage but also for display on the shelves behind. These are back-lit by hi-tech lighting panels which form the back of the cabinet and whose colour is change- able via a mobile remote control.

The three large central drawers are mitred on all sides and the joints are reinforced with decorative dovetail mitre keys in solid pear wood. The ends of the drawer-fronts are chamfered, giving them a clean, uncluttered aesthetic by removing the need for handles. The interior of each drawer is individually configured to personal specification to elegantly accommodate and curate an entire canteen of cutlery, various decorative table accessories and a set of tableware, and each drawer is upholstered and lined in rose-dorée lamb nappa.

This piece is inlaid with a  gold maker's mark and a numbered edition disc – only 25 will ever be made.

Bespoke options include:

- The drawers of the credenza can be configured and personalised to accommodate the specific requirements of the client and can be lined in a wide choice of leathers.- The contrasting ‘accent’ wood can be in a number of different hardwoods including the extraordinary prehistoric (5300 year old) bog-oak.

Design ID:NN 3
Materials:American Black Walnut & Pearwood
Dimensions:2430 x 460 x 740mm
Availability:Available to order.
Delivery:By arrangement