Contemporary wall mirror in cherrywood & sycamore

A simple concept. The 'Fold' mirror is full of movement and can grace any interior with timeless elegance.

Cherrywood, sycamore and bevelled glass

Other patterns and timbers available ( see below) Images, prices and availability on request.

 Mirrors 75 cm diam

Plexus - Rosewood/Sycamore
Plexus - Cherry/Sycamore
Galaxy- Black/Sycamore (photo is of one with Walnut outside)
Garland - Black/Sycamore (as on site)
Garland - Sycamore/Black
Knot - Burr Elm/ Sycamore
Spot - Oak/Black 
Perseus - Sycamore/Red/Black
Strand - Sycamore/Black (as on site)
Star - Silver Greywood/Stars
Keyline - Cherry/ Black
Fold - Cherry/Sycamore




Design ID:DD10
Price:£900 (VAT not applicable)
Materials:Cherrywood & Sycamore
Dimensions:80cm x 50
Availability:Available immediately
Delivery:P&P £15.00