Chair and table set 'Conversation Peace'

This comprises two tall display chairs with an occasional table & represents two
people who may look similar but are different & have different views.
Although as people we all have some things in common we are all unique too, just
like the chairs . they do the same job but can be so different in their make]up.
Starting at the top of each display chair, the design reflects the beginning of a
conversation between two people.
Their opinions may be entirely opposite (as is the design of the top of the backsplats
within each chair) but as they discuss their views over the table they eiron
outf their differences, realising that there doesnft need to be conflict.
Differences can be accepted & the conversation becomes calmer, providing a
wider base for both to stand in the world.
At the conversationfs end a deeper understanding is reached & the two can
reflect harmoniously together on the nature of themselves & others, this being represented by the sunken mirror in the tabletop.

Maple, purple heart, yew, mirror, glass and clear glass.

Height Table 45cms Chairs 141cms

Width Table 62cms

Depth Table 62cms


Table £2,000.00 VAT included

Single Chair £1,800.00 VAT included

Pair of Chairs  £3,400 Vat Included

Design ID:L10
Materials:Maple, Yew & Glass
Dimensions:See description
Availability:Available for immediate delivery
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye