Carved bench in ash razorfish 111

Inspired by life at the sea shore and the subtle curve of a razor shell the latest version of the Razorfish bench design is a sculptural exercise in pure optical defiance within the shifting Ivory sands.

Overlapped saddle dish carved seating hollows create a comfortable bench seat for centre piece placement with an immediately striking visual dramatic stance. The dished seating hollowing on the Razorfish bench design is a complex series of interlocking carved hollows that are aligned for optimum ergonomic comfort performance whilst at the same time visually intriguing and tactile sensory delight to behold. The whole piece plays with our perception of shifting optical defiance, appearing almost ethereally light whilst at the same time maintaing total structural solidity and physical mass. It is perhaps one of the joys of this design that it subtly distorts our notion of what should and shouldn't work in so many ways yet still appears aesthetically balanced. There is of course nearly as much sculptural carved work carried out on the underside of the seating surface as in the top in order to achieve this effect. Eye lines being cleverly drawn to fade blend edges in waves of movement to disguise the true mass bulk solidity of the structure with apertures undercut in inverted hollowed pools. Very much a work that challenges our pre-conceptions of how a bench seating form can exist. The inverse leg arrangement only really works with the first optimal underside bridge cut of the seating in order to give the visual sprung dynamic of stability. 
Clean grain prime oak was selected for the seating to give the character of texture within the surface, bleached then limed adding to the sense of visual lightness and the look of rippling sands as the tide recedes. Legs in ash chosen for optimal resilient strength characteristic also bleached and limed. The huge oversize motice and tennon joints that maintain the true strength are concealed out of nominal eyesight viewing. The inverted leg arrangement also serves to stop kicker marks on the legs when walking past the piece. The whole interplay of light and shadow across the surfaces and below are an intrinsic part of the piece which combine to create a work which is far more than just the 
Design ID:M4
Price:£17000 (Vat not applicable)
Materials:Ash & Oak
Dimensions:H 500 x W 1900 x D 600 mm
Availability:Made exclusively to order.
Delivery:By arrangement with Makers' Eye