bronze sculptural piece 'sphelix'


The Sphelix is a new shape, the joining of a sphere and a helix, a new global shape. It spins ying yang, DNA and the life force, anti racism and the joining of communities. Deceptively simple in form and endlessly metamorphic, The Sphelix is distinctively elegant whether experienced in two, three, or four dimensions. It resonates unity, communication, symmetry purity and simplicity.  Its timeless and the sculptures are made in bronze in 3 sizes from 300mm diameter to monumental installations. The bronzes are signed limited editions.  

92cm x 98cm x 135cm long £36,500 edition 1/3

30cm Diameter £6,240 edition 10/30

See also Sphelix in glassfibre

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Design ID:K9
Dimensions:From 30cm Diameter
Availability:Available from stock or to order.
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye