bronze sculptural piece 'mollusc'


These sculptures are a progression from the Sphelix. The bronzes and monumental fibreglass ones are signed limited editions. Various patinas can be applied to the bronzes. Fibreglass pieces can be finished in any RAL colour. I would describe my sculptures coming from abstract flowing forms, chasing purity in curves, a love of sacred & fractal geometry inspired in the early 70’s by Henry Moore and Nuam Gabo. My current work is a set of pieces called Falling Water combining hot glass & wood. It’s about the cusp, the very edge, the frozen moment before the fall. Beyond that is a series about “busyness” and the importance of doing nothing which I call Absolute Daydreams.

Fibreglass & stone base, 90cm high. £14500

Signed limited edition number 2 of 3 available.

Fibreglass & stone base,190cm high. £14500 

Signed limited edition number 2 of 3 available.

Fibreglass, 73cm high. £2345 

Copper leaf and weathered oak       

Bronze, 25cms high. £3480

Signed limited edition number 2 of 10 available

Bronze 1/10 polished to a mirror finish. Sold but can be remade to order


Design ID:K10
Dimensions:See text
Availability:Available from stock or to order.
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye