Bespoke wardrobe 'Portal'

Designed in celebration of the oak tree and associated lore (that we should not seek to know our fate), whilst beech’s runic meaning symbolises a threshold and the Green Man represents the spirit of all living things.

A spalted beech ‘step’ leads to the first oak door, which is made up of planks of pippy oak cut to highlight the curves of the wood.

Tim’s ‘makers mark’ wooden acorn covers the back of the keyhole;

The metalwork was made by sculptor blacksmith Bromley O’Hare, in collaboration with Tim.

Opening the outer door activates an interior light, revealing a hanging rail shaped to give the appearance of a branch and another door at the back of the wardrobe’s interior.

This second door (which has a lidded shoe-storage ‘step’ in front), cannot be opened though, as tree lore tells that we are not meant to know in advance what lies beyond.

Oak with spalted beech (clear finish)

Design ID:L2
Price:£15000 (VAT included)
Materials:Oak & Beech
Dimensions:H 228.5cm x W 122cm x D 61cm
Availability:Available for immediate delivery
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye