Bespoke jewellery chest with a secret compartment

Modelled on a type of Japanese Tansu chest, the ‘zenibako’ or strongbox, the plain exterior hides a richly decorated interior. The marquetry pattern on the inside of the doors is meant to evoke waves on the sea which is a link to the original purpose of Tansu chests as portable storage for ship’s captains.The lacewood veneer on the outside of the box is left over from a refit of The Queen Mary luxury ocean liner

There is a secret compartment accessed by removing the bottom drawer and using the ebony pin on the cord tie to release a catch. Then removing the top left hand drawer gives access to the space behind the three small drawers which contains a small box with a sliding lid, held in place by the catch you slid down below.

The hinges on the doors are custom made to my design.

Lacewood, masur birch, Indian ebony, walnut burr, maple burr, vavona burr and holly. The drawers are lined with faux suede

Design ID:R6
Materials:Birch, Ebony & Walnut
Dimensions:H 55cm x W 25cm x D 35cm
Availability:Available for immediate delivery
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye