Bespoke Hand carved storage chest in sycamore

The construction the fabulous 'Cushions' chest is of horizontally grained timber, with wide boards of sycamore for the front and back.  The ends are made up of multiple end-grain blocks. This structure has been so created that all the timber moves in unison with changes of humidity.

The illusion of cushions is testament to the must wonderful carving skills creating an amazingly soft feel from what is in fact one of hardest native timbers
The bottom of the chest is Lebanon cedar, chosen for its scent and moth-resistance. Each cushion is held in place by a pair of woven ‘hinges’; these are connected to the cushion and rotate around a cylindrical pivot carved into the back of the chest.


Design ID:T6
Price:£18900 (VAT included)
Dimensions:H 50cm x W 158cm x D 57cm
Availability:Made and ready for delivery.
Delivery:By arrangement with Makers' eye