Bespoke glass top dining table

The clean, simple looking design is based on the traditional pedestal table with its three legs joined to a central column.
This design has three legs joined to a triangular block, but rather than having a central column, supports rise up and out from each leg to support the top, giving a crisp nad very much contemporary appearance.

Materials; As shown in Zebrano with a 10mm Clear toughened glass top. The table can be made to order in any size or height for use as a dining, kitchen, or coffee table. The base can be specified in any wood and the top can be Glass (Clear, Frosted, or Coloured) or in wood to match the base. The price for these options is dependent on the exact specification so please ask for quote.

Design ID:KK3
Materials:Zebrano & Glass
Dimensions:H 70cm x W 100cm x D 100cm
Delivery:By arrangement with Makers' Eye