Bench carved in elm & ash 'Nimm Rae 11'

The latest version of the Nimm Rae chair design from the chaircreative workshop/studio. A visually paired down to the minimum, sinuous fluid form occupying a spatial presence far greater than the sum of it's parts would suggest. Created with a steam bent ash wood frame work and saddle dish carved seat in elm wood. Superb adherence to ergonomic performance encapsulating a timeless grace and majesty resounding in a class of its own.
The Nimm Rae chair design represents the continual evolution and refinement of the humble wooden chair. Produced with many time honoured traditional build qualities within a sustainable working practice. These qualities are of course found in the history of Windsor chair making yet this work certainly does not wallow in a sense of ‘has been’ nostalgia. The purity of the sculptural silhouette made to function perfectly to fit the human form.
The frame work of this chair utilises the full strength of the grain of the ash wood within the steam bent curvatures, meticulously shape carved with spokeshaves to pull the eye line to perceive fine line edges whilst cleverly keeping the structural bulk of the material intact. The choice of the long grain fibre natural resilience of the ash adds to the forgiving nature in the comfort of the chair and also the longevity in service of the chair form. The structures that best endure the test of time are those which can dissipate the shocks and oscillate through a degree of natural flexibility. The use of elm within the saddle dish carved seat is a chosen for lightness in physical weight yet toughness in strength for the mortice socket jointing. The attention to detail within the subtlety of rolled edges defining then blending enhance the way the light falls over the piece to create a work that unifies superb function with sublime dynamic spatial presence.
Design ID:M3
Price:£8500 (Vat not applicable)
Materials:Ash & Elm
Dimensions:H 1400 x W 650 x D 620 mm
Availability:Made to order
Delivery:By arrangement with Makers' Eye