Chest of drawers


The magnificent  'Ripples' cabinet was designed specifically as an exhibition piece and, perhaps unsurprisingly, in the few days since first being exhibited the piece was sold. However, further commissions based on this design will be made available. Please contact Makers' Eye for further information.

Born of a desire to push laminating in a new direction and develop an elegant, clean and fluid form which lets the material add the details. The design stemmed from the action of a stone dropping into water and sending concentric ripples outwards, which to produce on a flat surface in wood.

You might think would be challenging enough, however the desire was to go further and drape the ripples over the entire cabinet, bringing movement and life to the entire piece not just one surface.

Not just a dramatic form though, as each of the twelve hand cut dovetailed drawers open with the slightest of touch on the front, sliding out with ease and surprise to release that aromatic aroma of the cedar with which they are lined.

Ripples won the bespoke furniture prize in he national Wood Awrds in 2013- the UK's premier award for excellence of design and making in wood.

POA, please enquire.

Described by the emminent judges ( including John Makepeace and Rod Wales) as follows‘This is an excellent blend of restraint and flamboyance; exuberant in design, yet restrained in practice. It is timely that Ash is used in a context of luxury to make such an extraordinary object.’ 


Design ID:HH1
Materials:Ash & Walnut
Dimensions:H 95cm x W 140cm x D45cm
Availability:Made to order in a variety of timbers
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye