Bespoke Carver Chair

'Frame' carvers are usually bought with a set of Frame dining chairs. They are comfortable, providing good back support and the narrow back section is beautiful without crowding the table. We can make them in any timber. Here the carvers are shown are in maple.

A strong frame-work with traditionally jointed elements creates a flowing line that supports the seat in hand-sculpted solid wood. The beauty of grain patterns enhance the back column. Many craft processes are involved including sculpting, laminating, shaping and steam-twisting.

Solid maple, walnut, oak or cherry. Features Hand sculpted seat, comfortable narrow curved back, clean flowing lines, oiled finish

Design ID:W5
Price:£1400 (VAT Included)
Materials:Maple, Walnut, Oak & Cherrywood
Dimensions:H 92cm x W 56cm x D 52cm
Availability:Remade to order
Delivery: By arrangement with Makers' Eye